The AMEA Team

Jacqui Roberts –  LLB,BCOM,BA  - National Secretary

Jacqui was elected as National Secretary in August 2010, and hence became the AMEA’s first female National Secretary. Jacqui joined the AMEA in 1992 on a part time basis while at university completing her Law, Commerce and Arts degrees. Jacqui initially carried out the day to day accounting work, annual financial accounts for audit, training for the delegates and project based work as required.

Since becoming an organiser in 1998, she has successfully negotiated new collective agreements, provided internal legal guidance and been involved in a number of successful legal challenges on behalf of the AMEA. It is Jacqui’s belief that the current AMEA team with the support of the Executive and delegates can continue to consolidate and build on what has been achieved over the years for the benefit of the members. Her focus is on what benefits the members rather than internal policies and political agendas.

Stan Renwick - National Industrial Organiser

Stan joined us in December 2010 and has over 20 years experience as a union organiser and has worked for many of our sister unions such as the EPMU, LEWU and most recently the NDU. Stan has experience in a wide range of industries including steel making, pulp, electrical and wood milling covering both trade and non trade employees. He will be looking after our Industrial and Marine divisions.


Penny Dillimore - National Industrial Organiser

Penny was employed by Air New Zealand for the past 11 years in a range of roles and most recently in a Team Manager role at Auckland International for the past 4 years.  Penny was instrumental in the initiation of the CEA for the Team Manager group in 2008.

Bob Brough - National Industrial Organiser

Bob is the newest member of the team. He is based in Christchurch and will be primarily responsible for the South Island membership. Bob joins the AMEA with over 28 years’ experience as a Union Official. The past 13 years Bob has been an organiser at the NDU (now FIRST union) based in Christchurch.

Previous positions include Christchurch Secretary and National Vice President POU, Branch Secretary CEWU, Industrial Officer EPMU. Bob trained as a telecommunications Technical Officer with the Post Office /Telecom and is a Registered as an Electrical Service Technician (ESTB)