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Sent: Tuesday, 28 May 2013 5:22 p.m.
Subject: Letter from the Director of Civil Aviation: SMS Forums and Consultation

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To New Zealand Aviation Participants




The CAA is pleased to invite you to attend one of the Safety Management Systems (SMS) Forums being held in June in four locations around the country.


The primary purpose of the Forums is to provide guidance and resources for the proactive implementation of SMS.  We will also take the opportunity to provide an overview of the CAA’s work in evolving towards a risk-based approach to our work and seek your views on whether you support a mandatory approach to SMS implementation.


Safety Management Systems Forum


The Forums provide the CAA with the opportunity to publically launch our strategy for SMS implementation in New Zealand, and to promote the benefits of SMS for the aviation industry.

I recognise the significant amount of work that has already been undertaken by many of you in respect of the proactive implementation of SMS.  We strongly encourage all certificate holders to examine SMS and its benefits, and to implement it using a scalable approach appropriate to the nature of their operation.  By all parts of the aviation industry adopting the proactive implementation of SMS, I believe the overall safety performance of the industry will be improved.


At the Forums we will provide industry with information regarding the benefits of SMS, guidance for implementation and the resources available to support implementation. The attached flyer includes more detail about the Forum.


Consultation on a risk management approach to regulation


Projected growth in aviation comes with a challenge. We need to evolve our approach to safety to hold steady and even further reduce accident rates. The Civil Aviation Authority is shifting its focus to a risk-based approach to surveillance and auditing, and prioritising regulatory interventions in the aviation system.


For this to be successful, we need industry to approach safety in the same way. The Government is therefore considering whether use of risk management systems, such as SMS, should be mandatory across the New Zealand aviation industry, both internationally and domestically.


At the Forum, we will seek your views on whether you agree with a mandatory approach to risk management and what this might mean for your organisation. If you are unable to attend a Forum you can find the consultation document at and submit your comments by Monday, 8 July 2013 at


Forum Dates and Venues


We have prepared this program to benefit accountable executives, quality and safety managers and any other of the company personnel who have a role in the leadership of SMS implementation.  I ask you to consider who in your organisation may benefit from attending the Forums and encourage their attendance.


The sessions will run over 10-13 June in Auckland, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Queenstown from 9.30am – 3.30pm each day.  They are free of charge and include lunch. Please see the attached flyer for details.


You will need to register your attendance via email at


Further information


More information about both the SMS Forums and consultation can be found at the CAA’s website at


I will be attending each Forum and look forward to seeing you there.


Yours sincerely


Graeme Harris

Director of Civil Aviation



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